There are many ways to make a vehicle your own, even on a budget. If that budget is massive, you can begin the customization right at the dealership. Most vehicles come with great customization packages designed to make your future ride more luxurious or powerful. Of course, you don't have to pay several thousand dollars for a chance to stand out.

There are many more affordable choices you can make when setting your car apart from the others. One area that can be easily and cheaply customized is the windshield. Windshield tinting is one of the most common ways people improve the appearance of a car, and it can have more than one benefit.

Consider that window tinting makes driving far more comfortable if you're forced to face the sun on either side of your commute. If you've ever been frustrated that the visor wasn't doing enough to prevent the sun from assaulting your eyes while driving, consider how much smoother your ride would be if your entire windshield was doing the job of sunglasses.

There are many other ways to customize your car. Many people choose to customize the rims, paint job or interior. Budgeting correctly, you can make any car completely distinguishable for just a few hundred dollars.